Updates for details about purchase options amidst COVID-19

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak we have made some simple changes to business listings.  We hope the changes will make it easier to support your local businesses now and in the future.

It seems we are constantly getting new information about COVID-19 and ways to reduce the spread of this virus.  So over the last few days I have been looking into ways Grown Vegan can help our members during this pandemic.  

There have been numerous articles posted about how lockdowns and social distancing affect brick and mortar businesses.  In our view the consensus is that people will start to stay at home and online shopping, takeaway, pickup, and delivery options will become the main consumption method.  Therefore we want to make sure the listings on Grown Vegan adequately identify if a business offers these options.  

We currently have fields where businesses can identify the State that they have pickup, takeaway, and delivery options and identifies how customers make purchases (online, by phone, email, etc). This is a great start however we feel it should be improved.  Therefore I am currently reaching out to business owners to encourage them to check and update their listings to include adequate information about these options. I have also been encouraging businesses to specifically identify any environmentally friendly policies or procedures they have.  In light of the current situation I am also advising they add any socially responsible initiatives that undertake. Below is a guideline of the type of information I am asking them to share.


  • How their customers order a pickup/takeaway/delivery (eg phone, email, text, website, app, etc)
  • If they have any eco-friendly initiatives eg:
    • Allow customers to use their own containers, keep cups, etc
    • Provide eco-friendly takeaway containers and packaging
    • Deliver via bike etc
  • If they have any socially responsible initiatives eg:
    • Customised delivery options to assist with self-isolated customers
  • Reducing cash transactions / handling
  • Any other relevant information

If you are a member and know a business has one of the options above please complete the edit suggestion form on their listing so that others can benefit from your knowledge.

On behalf of the Grown Vegan team I hope that everyone remains safe during this time and that our community remains strong.

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